Mahanati Savithri Has huge fan following. devotee followed and tweeted as Godess of telugu film industry. she rules south film industry. Savithri had got romantically attached with Producer Gemini Ganesh and there love goes becaming towards marriage. relationship moved to a secret marriage in 1956.

Savithri first revealed the marriage news to the public when she began signing her photos as ‘Savithri Ganesh.’ many signatures proves show their love. Stood best person in era The marriage with Ganeshan. Gooding good. Produced two children, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Sathish. Now childrens are setteled at USA. TV9 News recently interviewed their children’s. They showed Savitri gari memories.

Couples of savitri, But down the years, as the marriage broke up (it is said Ganesh left her due to personal reasons), it destroyed Savithri. After that also she continued acting 5 years. suddenly make over changes from her performance. news speard on public. She took to drugs and alcohol and addicted to luxuries in a big way and died on December 26, 1981, aged 44. Shocking news. around corner all eyes are looked at Savitri House. Many stories are heard about the circumstances leading to the Mahanati’s Savitri death I could not read continuously because of my tears many comments, many news till now we dont know what is truth ?

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The Great Legend Savithri’s last days of her life. Both tamil and telugu film industry have used further bolstering their good fortune abandoning her with no assistance He organized her side parts as mother and so on. Meanwhile she lost her great looks and got to be stout and non-appealing. she is very good actress. introducer new colored cinema to people. wins million’s hearts. Great actress can we never explaned about savitri garu there is no words to express about her and golden character & have to search the dictionary even we can’t find the words her beautiful and gorgeous performance make another step every time. Rest in pecae Savitri garu.

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She is my Fav. actress. I Heard so many gossips She is suffered from cancer, Addicted to Drugs.

Padala Prasad Rao:

Husband Ganesh Is too bad character. ayane mosham cheshadu.. last stage lo hospital lo money leka treatment correct ga cheyinchaledata.. ame last photos lo internet lo chala untayi chusthe.. artham avthadi

Surekha Tenneti Venugopal:

No one can be completely naive and ignorant of men and money matters. I am shocked why men like ANR with whom Savitri acted in countless films, and with whom she was close could not have guided her a bit…but selfishness is the rule in this world…and Savitri, for all her talent did not understand that

Sai Saran:

Im Cried. when im reading article about Savitri garu. Her financial trouble, Family Probelms, Husband separation,Depression chala chala badha vesindhi.

Swathi Varma:

No One Replace her.. Rest In Peace

Manoj Krishna:

Savitri dead body chennai beach lo orphane laga padesaru ata…. e visayam tv9 interview lo valla daughter & son ni adigithe.. ledandi ani anesaru .. tv9 .. Mari mi daggara unna photos chupinchandi ani ante.. ma daggara levu ani antunnaru..

Srinivas Murthi:She should not have touched even a drop of alcohol under any circumstance in life. No matter how frustrated she was with her life.

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