Heart Broking Story. Real Life incident here shares how peoples live in our world. shows where we settle. This Story making cry. Bangladesh Living Couple makes more and more beautiful living station near Customs walled city They Believes we can do everything for money only. They no emotions and feelings.

They work for Food. Just living with any expectations on Time. Bangladesh Country real story incident was making cry on time. Showing pictures and Images Goes viral on Social media profiles. makes more emotional on this time. Kandapara Brothel House most of women sold and spend some for money only. Really Heart Touching story. True story making emotion everybody. In these photos, We can observe Difference between those guys Who are lived with Us. Life inside walled Houses. Sandra hoyn a photographer, Photo Journalist captures this heart Touching pics on his own cam. Published on social profiles with their permissions.

How they find it the safest place on earth To live see how Bangladesh is leading the 200-year-old women in the brothel. They fight For justice. Bangladesh Brothel houses and government of Bangladesh also trying to convey message to Those people. who are involved in rocket. They failed every time to show variation. as we know Bangladesh is Muslim country. in their country Prosti.. is Legal. Government also support for this issue. Kandapara brothel Houses formed at 200 Years ago. They gathered money for help of local NGO and Provided better quality education to Their children.

Biggest brothel district in Our world. Food Stalls, tea stalls, Street vendors also much famous. Basically this is To Much Common Thing. rare inside reports make cry everytime. Powerful Photography They are not just survivors or victims, they are fighting and enjoying their life in their own way. in Their country Houses peoples also environment should be improved to more developed easily treated like normal citizens Bangladeshi district of Tangali to capture images Gathered information from many sites. photographs and selfies also allowed in their countries. Misunderstandings, Languages problems not cause to any relationship in their surrounding areas. Translator also available for rent basic.

Bangladesh is one of the Muslim countries where prostitution is legal

Some reports on their processive. Their Daily income was Around 2000 Rupees. They takes oradexons, Live Stock for Hard Times. As Per sources information all Information and Data Recorded.


This inside story make think once about Society lifes. showing difference between our life style and Their Life style. A group of young women also actively joined. Beautiful Photography. Bangladesh Government And authories shut down bans a 200 Year old Brothel house recently.



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